The latest Autumn Winter 2019/20 womenswear collection by Ukranian designer Irina Dzhus is a homage to the human form and its physical anatomy.  Identifying the ’architectonics of physicality’ as a marvel of function and intertwining synergy, the label DZHUS has created a collection that is formed of complex, transformable structures resembling exoskeletons. 

With each piece mutating in multiple ways, interacting with each other and constantly evolving, the collection generates countless existences. DHZUS believes just as a material body is an exquisite mechanism, driven by its phenomenal life energy, so should their clothing through its ability to morph from one shape to another. 

As a result the Corpus collection exudes the feeling that its designs are inseparable from its genetically and physically unique wearer, or as DZHUS dubs them ‘possessors’.  The collection is also saturated with rhythmical textures and innovative cuts. 

Warmth and comfort are also central to the collection, combined with a desire to meet high standards of ethical and sustainable production. Whether this is choosing cruelty-free materials or as for this latest collection the introduction of quilted garments that are made from eco-friendly hemp insulation materials engineered by fellow compatriots DevoHome. 


Designer Irina Dzhus states that corporeal is not an antipode to spiritual, but an essential medium for exploring ourselves. Her creations prove that a considerate approach to consumption, through her clever silhouettes and multifunction approach, does not limit the experience, but only enriches it.