Sarah Brunnhuber’s Eccentricity within Uniformity collection explores how due to modern production techniques there has been a homogenisation of fashion and style. Her concept is to provide an opportunity for self-expression through a number of modular components, each with its own character that can be connected through a constant system of buttons and buttonholes. 

By working with the idea of uniformity, rather than against it; the collection allows each component piece to be worn whatever way the wearer wants and with any other element. Creating a unique and adaptable statement each time its worn. 

The collection itself is made up of four consistent shapes shown in fabrics that both reference uniform: plain crisp cottons in blues and whites, rigid navy blues, a static beige. Alongside opposing fabrics that highlight the contrast between uniformity and individuality: dark and lightened denims, liquid silks, and bold embroideries. 

Sarah states that the way in which society often conforms to wearing a ‘uniform’ without even realising and how most of us have to wear a uniform during our most formative years at school were all rich sources of inspiration. She chose to embrace this sense of community and belonging, whilst still creating that juxtaposition between individuality and uniformity in her designs.