Studio Simone Post recognised the need to create 'something new' from 'something old', and the object chosen was the humble kitchen chair. 


As she says ‘Who doesn’t recognise the old wooden kitchen chair? Big chance you have seen them in thrift shops, at your grandparent’s place or even have them in your own home.They may look outdated but are still comfortable.'

So with this in mind, Simone explored ways of giving these loyal pieces of furniture a new lease of life. Quite rightly, why make a new chair when there are already so many discarded ones. 


The designed finishes give the chairs a new and unique look while accentuating its existing character, with a glimpse of its past still shining through. The added benefit is that even a collection of chairs with a variety of designs and shapes, can be updated to create a consolidated formation with the string wrap pattern and luxurious patina providing the connecting factor.